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Spray Tanning


Minque Hair Extensions offers our clients a variety of quality Spray Tanning Solutions to choose from, all of which offer:

  • Incredible natural colour
  • Natural mineral bronzers for an instant natural colour.
  • No artificial Fragrances
  • Done and dry and in 5 minutes
  • No streaking
  • We offer a menu of only the best spray tan solutions on the market and we are trained to prescribe you the perfect tan for your skin tone!

Techno Tan

We use quality Techno Tan products and spray tan machines in our salon.

Naked Tan

Naked Tan is the worlds first all natural two hour wash and wear tanning solution. The advantages of the naked tan is that its pure botanical formula leaves your skin feeling moisturized and nourished while a natural bronze tan rapidly develops within two hours. The Naked Tan uses a revolutionary new tanning formula which is designed to deliver the most even, natural look quicker than other products meaning no more sleeping in your tan leaving those sheets bronzed instead of you!

We offer three Naked Tan shades, Natural, Exotic and Chocolate! So there is something to suit every body. We also offer discounted Naked Tans on Thursday’s.