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Aftercare Advice



Once you have had your hair extensions applied it is important that you follow the aftercare instructions to keep your new hair extensions in the best possible condition returning to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance.

  • Shampoo your hair at least twice a week using the recommended products and procedures, which is a NON PROTEIN  Shampoo and Conditioner
  • DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCTS THAT ARE OIL BASED OR CONTAIN MAINLY PROTEIN or your bonds will go tacky/white & shed hair
  • Before washing brush your hair to separate using a loop brush
  • We also recommend a fine tooth comb to be used on the extensions, this will take out any small knots that the loop brush has missed.
  • Massage the scalp under the extensions, then squeeze shampoo (Product recommended by your Minque stylist)  through hair from roots to ends/ DO NOT massage or rub hair otherwise matting may occur
  • Hair over  14 inches in length should always be washing forwards by bringing the hair down either side of the head otherwise hair colour double back and cause matting
  • Rinse thoroughly again using clean running water and squeeze gently removing excess
  • Apply recommended conditioner (Product recommended by your Minque stylist)
  • Rinse thoroughly again using clean running water and squeeze gently to remove excess
  • After washing separate the individual extensions before drying, this will prevent them naturally falling or matting
  • It is important to use a heat protectant (REDKEN Satinwear) before doing any heat styling. This is prevent damage to your extensions and to your own hair.
  • You MUST blowdry the roots of your hair, especially with tape hair extensions as you do not want to leave the attachments wet. Once the roots are dry you can leave the rest to dry naturally if you wish.
  • It is recommended that leave in oil is applied (REDKEN All Soft Argan Oil – 6)
  • A conditioning treatment is recommended to be used every few washes to maintain softness and condition of the hair extensions. (Product recommended by your Minque stylist)
  • If your hair is normally oily/greasy you will lose some hair extensions. This is normal, do not be alarmed, however if your bonds are turning white you need to change any treatments/shampoos/conditioners you are using immediately
  • Beaded Extensions – you will lose some – DO NOT BE ALARMED – keep these extensions for re-use
  • Tape Extensions – avoid tying hair up tightly as this can loosen the attachment.
  • On the off chance you have any extensions come loose we can pop them straight back in for you at no charge.
  • Tie hair in Plait at night
  • Oil is only to be used on the ends of the hair

Please contact us should you wish to have your extensions removed.

Extensions Care before and after activities (Swimming)

  • Prior to swimming (in pool or sea) or sunbathing apply leave in conditioner products and rinse afterwards straight away as described above.
  • Long hair should be tied back prior to swimming
  • Once you are finished swimming immediately untie hair and towel dry and apply a leave in conditioner, do not leave hair to dry in bun or plait.

General Care

  • Always dry hair thoroughly
  • Any hair colouring on roots should be carried out before extensions are applied
  • Electric curling tongs, straighteners can be used on Real Hair (not synthetic). The extension joints will not fail if heat is directly applied to them but may soften and distort slightly.
  • (Under no circumstances should equipment be used that does not have a thermostatic control)
  • Brush hair at least twice a day from the points to the joints and then from the roots to the points using a loop brush and ensure the extensions are separated,  always hold the hair whilst brushing to avoid tension to the roots. Do not backcomb roots.
  • Do not use uncovered elastic bands

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please do not hesitate to give the team at Minque a call on 07 3268 2000!